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Japanese Antique Swords - Armor

Perhaps the most notable of all Japanese metal artistry is found in the area of Japanese swords and armor. Blades, tsuba, helmets or kabuto, chest plates, abumi and sword and armor fittings have long been regarded as unsurpassed in beauty and quality throughout the world.

Antique Japanese swords and armor are today in great demand and often command prices in the hundreds of thousands dollars at auction.

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Japanese Boys’ Day Yoroi, Samurai Armor
Japanese BoysÕ Day Yoroi, Samurai Armor - JN9J428
Price: $2,995.00
Sale Price: $2,696.00
Spectacular set of Japanese Boys’ Day samurai armor (yoroi), Meiji period, c. 1868-1912.  High class, remarkably detailed overall with wonderful kabuto (helmet) and menpo (face mask).  Fantastic features and condition painstakingly rendered to accurately portray Heian period style in miniature.  Complete set, including shoes (rare!).  Comes with skillfully made original wood storage/display box.  Very good condition. Dimensions:  22” wide, 38” high (as displayed).

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