Japanese antiques as well as Chinese antiques and fine art are inextricably linked with the rich culture and fascinating history of the Far East. This is one reason they are so avidly admired, studied and collected. Another, of course, is the exquisite beauty, artistry and craft of Asian antiques. Besides displaying a masterful aesthetic, many, such as Japanese dolls and Japanese swords, endure as clues to the past, while others, like Japanese furniture (tansu), and Asian porcelain and pottery find purpose even today.

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XXX Consider one of Jcollector's antique offerings to give style and sophistication to a modern space, transforming what might border on cold and boring into a textured, inviting and and living environment. Antiques add charm and elegance to contemporary interior design. Today's sleek, minimalist look is the perfect backdrop for Japanese wabi-sabi -- an aesthetic that effortlessly combines simplicity and intimacy.


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Japanese Buddhist Carving, Kukai Kobo Daishi Japanese Tea Kettle Tetsubin Japanese Zen Buddhist Scroll Painting, Hoju Sacred Jewel
Japanese Buddhist Carving, Kukai Kobo Daishi - JS3O231
Price: $1,995.00
Sale Price: $1,796.00
Japanese Tea Kettle Tetsubin - JR3JL255
Price: $695.00
Sale Price: $495.00
Japanese Clothing Tansu, Kiri  Japanese Lacquer Hokai Shell Box Japanese Buddhist Carving, Kukai Kobo Daishi
Japanese Clothing Tansu, Kiri - TJ4O274
Price: $1,495.00
Sale Price: $1,295.00
Japanese Standing Amida Buddha on Lotus Throne Japanese Architectural Element from Sumo Wrestling Hall Japanese Tea Screen Painting, Peonies